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Engineered for healthcare excellence

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, CyberArk stands as a crucial defender of cybersecurity, safeguarding the keys to the kingdom—patient data and healthcare IT infrastructure—as organizations navigate digital transformations like electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and IoT devices. Our comprehensive Identity Security Platform empowers organizations to embrace new technologies securely, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and maintaining patient trust.

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Mitigate threats

With CyberArk’s identity security and privileged access management solutions, secure the core of healthcare operations. Protect critical access points to safeguard both patient data and healthcare systems against evolving cyber threats.

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Ensure compliance

Navigate the intricate regulatory framework of the healthcare sector with CyberArk. Our solutions provide a thorough approach to adhering to healthcare-specific regulations, keeping your institution ahead of compliance mandates.

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Enhance patient trust

By minimizing the risk of data breaches, CyberArk bolsters patient confidence. Integrate our security solutions seamlessly with your digital health initiatives, protecting sensitive patient information and proprietary data.

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Healthcare customer stories

More than 8,000 organizations around the world trust CyberArk.
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“If we can control identity, we can stop most modern attacks. And if you control identity, then you control every perimeter, application, container – effectively every part of the environment. That is what I call true Zero Trust and that is why we use CyberArk. This is what helps me sleep at night.”

Brian Miller, CISO, Healthfirst

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“We use CyberArk to protect human and machine identities with Just-in-Time (JIT) access. Passwords only exist for single sessions. We are confident it is working effectively because CyberArk has proven to be extremely reliable.”

Information Security Manager, top U.S. hospital

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“There is a clear focus on security, but it is balanced with the inherent flexibility to accomplish everyday tasks, like enabling end users to make simple changes without needing administrator privileges. Unlike some of its competitors, CyberArk is not a ‘bare bones’ privileged access management solution; it enables us to do a whole lot more.”

Director of Client Services, Major Healthcare Provider


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