Say hello to CyberArk CORA AI

CyberArk CORA AI™ is your central hub of identity security-focused artificial intelligence capabilities — helping you work smarter and accelerate identity security across your entire enterprise.​

Transform identity security with unparalleled intelligence​

Harness the power of CORA AI so you can detect and respond to identity threats, make better data-driven decisions, and secure every identity in your organization — both human and machine.​

Secure all identities​

Built-in to every aspect of the identity security Platform, CyberArk CORA AI assists users in efficiently securing privileged access across all environments and provides real-time support and guidance. CORA AI lets you take fast action against active threats and analyze risky behavior across your enterprise by translating billions of data points into essential insights. ​

Speak like a human​

Take multi-step actions in natural language. There is no need to memorize specific commands or syntax; talk to CyberArk CORA AI like a colleague. ​

woman looking at screen

man looking at laptop

Uncover Identity Insights​

Analyze and understand users’ activities across the Identity Security Platform and uncover hidden risks. CORA AI can reveal insights, make response recommendations, and take automated action when needed.  No need to spend hours reviewing recorded sessions, CORA AI will detect and respond for you and highlight the most critical information you need.​

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