Secure external access

Ensure secure and easy privileged access to critical internal resources for third-party vendors​.

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Deliver third-party risk reduction

Validate external vendor identities each time they need access to critical assets or credentials for offline access with biometric authentication.

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Streamline third-party productivity

Seamless. Efficient. Secure. Vendor PAM eliminates the need for legacy approaches to securing third-party access, such as VPNs, passwords, agents, and corporate laptops, preventing breaches and credential theft.

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Secure and simplify vendor onboarding and usability

Accelerate vendor onboarding with a secure, native user experience without impacting operational efficiency. Easily provision and deprovision access just-in-time without adding identities to directory services.

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Compliant access for vendors and contractors

Conduct a full audit of vendor activity and session recordings to streamline compliance with requirements for SOX, HIPAA, NIST, ISO and other regulations and frameworks.

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“We were very impressed with the vendor access portal integration with our environment that we do not think others offered. It was an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.”​

Brent Wallace, IT Director, Norfolk County​

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“Now we are starting to use CyberArk Vendor Privileged Access Manager to secure and streamline vendor access. It is a beautiful thing, because now vendors enjoy a password-less and VPN-less experience to access their target systems, they authenticate in a seamless way and only have access to their product.”​

John Vincent, Director of Technology, Chico Unified School District

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Simplified JIT provisioning and deprovisioning access for external vendors​

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Improve security for third parties without requiring VPNs, agents or passwords​

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Satisfy audit and compliance with full vendor session isolation and recording​

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Securely provide offline access credentials third parties in air-gapped environments​