CyberArk identity security solutions for automotive

Drive the future of automotive security.

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Security engineered for automotive excellence

CyberArk offers a unified Identity Security Platform, trusted by leading manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. With our expertise, secure your automotive innovation and help ensure that every entity, human or machine, is thoroughly verified, authenticated and monitored.

Mitigate credential theft and prevent attacks

Deploy CyberArk’s robust identity security and privileged access management solutions to protect against threats, ensuring the safety of vehicle systems and customer data.

Build and secure supply chain

In an industry where reputation is everything, CyberArk enhances customer confidence by minimizing the risk of data breaches. Seamlessly integrate our security solutions with your digital transformation initiatives, safeguarding customer, DevOps and supply chain data, and proprietary information.

Meet compliance

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the manufacturing sector with CyberArk. Our solutions offer a comprehensive approach to meeting regulations, ensuring automotive makers stay ahead of compliance requirements.

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EP 48 – What’s driving the future of automotive security

In this episode of the Trust Issues podcast, Kaivan Karimi, Global Partner Strategy and OT Cybersecurity Lead – Automotive Mobility and Transportation at Microsoft, discusses with host David Puner the complexities of the automotive cybersecurity ecosystem, and they explore the challenges and considerations facing the industry.

CyberArk Podcast

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How secure is automotive digital identity?

The mastery of securing the privileged pathways of the automotive manufacturing ecosystem acts like an invisible shield. Understanding the seven critical areas of automotive cybersecurity is crucial, as identity security can significantly enhance your organization’s preparedness and strengthen its stance against potential breaches.

Automotive customer stories

More than 8,000 organizations around the world trust CyberArk.
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CyberArk Privilege Cloud helps protect, control, and monitor privileged access across the company’s on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Prior to implementing CyberArk Privilege Cloud, the organization had no system in place to determine whether critical assets were securely managed, protected or changed. Today, critical assets can be secured because passwords cannot be reused or compromised, even for shared accounts.

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“We decided to partner with CyberArk to solve our privilege challenges because I knew we could get the solution up and running quickly and that it would do exactly what we needed. I also was very confident that it would help us to become more IT-efficient.”

Richard Breaux, Senior Manager, IT Security Quanta Services

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“One measure of the effectiveness of CyberArk is that we now know how every privileged account is being used and there has been a dramatic drop in the opportunity for someone to inflict damage to our environment.”

Mukesh Kapadia, Global Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, CCEP

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“CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager gave us the visibility and granular control needed to implement both least privilege and ‘default deny’ application control with minimal disruption to the organization.”

Ken Brown, Chief Information Security Officer, Milliken & Company