Secure Cloud Access

Secure access to multicloud environments, reduce risk and maintain native user experience


Secure access consistently across your cloud estate

Provide secure, native access to cloud consoles and services with Zero Standing Privileges across your multicloud environment

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Apply multicloud access policies from one platform.

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Drive utilization with Native Access.

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Reduce risk by implementing Least Privilege with on-demand elevation.

Holistic approach to control for cloud access

Implement Zero Standing Privileges in your multicloud estate without impacting productivity

Native Access to Cloud

No agents, no drama. Just secure native access to Multicloud consoles

Native Access

Define Access Policies Globally

Define how users access cloud consoles by setting centralized secure policy


Zero Standing Privileges

Remove all standing permissions. Grant entitlements Just-in-time

Context Based MFA

Dynamic Break-Glass Access

Engineers can securely request and rapidly receive access in critical situations (critsit)


Seamless integration

Integrate with service desk or ChatOps tooling to efficiently handle access requests

Easy Administration


Learn how CyberArk can help you secure your cloud without impacting productivity