Privileged Access Manager

Keep your business and its most valuable assets secure. Preventing malicious account or credential access starts with comprehensive Privileged Access Management.


Mitigate risks, maximize productivity

Don’t settle for less than the industry leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Defend Against Attacks

Defend against attacks

Secure privileged identities – human and machine in a tamper-resistant repository.

Satisfy Audit and Compliance Icon

Satisfy audit & compliance

Meet internal requirements, manage access and maintain full centralized audit.

Enable the Digital Business Icon

Enable the digital business

Securely authenticate users with VPN-less access from a single web portal.

Outsmart the smartest attackers

Stay one step ahead of cyberattacks. And your competition.

Keep unauthorized users out

Detect and stop threats in real-time

Easily deploy PAM as-a-Service or host it in your own environment


of enterprises have had an identity-related breach within the past two years.*


increase in cybercrime activity since the COVID-19 Pandemic began.*

The best defense is good cybersecurity

Manage privileged access and minimize risk.

Manage privileged credentials

Automatically discover and onboard privileged credentials and secrets used by human and non-human identities. Centralized policy management allows administrators to set policies for password complexity, frequency of password rotations, which users may access which safes, and more. Automated password rotation helps strengthen security while eliminating time-intensive, manual processes for the IT teams.

Managed Privileged Credentials

Isolate & monitor sessions

Maintain compliance with recorded key events and tamper-resistant audits. Establish secure, isolated remote sessions and record all activity during that session. End users never directly connect to target systems, reducing the risk of malware. Session recordings are securely and centrally stored to make it easy for security, audit and compliance to increase accountability and compliance.

Isolate and Monitor Sessions

Threat detection & response

Automatically discover and onboard unmanaged privileged accounts and credentials. Detect anomalous behavior and indicators of compromise with policy-driven remediation capabilities.

Isolate and Monitor Sessions

Manage nomadic devices

Enforce security policies and rotate account credentials on endpoints that aren’t always connected to the enterprise network.

Manage Nomadic Devices

Remote access to PAM

Enable secure access for remote employees and external vendors to Privileged Access Manager, no matter where they are. VPN-less, agent-less, password-less.

Remote Access to PAM

Adaptive MFA & SSO

Validate privileged users with context-aware Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication and secure access to business resources with Single Sign-On.

Adaptive MFA & SSO

Deploy as SaaS or self-hosted

Implement and expand PAM with confidence. The CyberArk Blueprint has successfully secured thousands of customer environments and counting.



Easily secure and manage privileged accounts, credentials and secrets with our PAM-as-a-service solution.

Automate upgrades and patches for reduced total cost of ownership

Secure, SOC 2 type 2 compliant services with a certified 99.95% SLA for uptime

Hands-on guidance with CyberArk jump start



Protect, monitor and control privileged access, with on-site deployment.

Deploy in your datacenter, private or public cloud, to meet regulatory compliance or organizational needs

Confidently migrate to SaaS with the backing of CyberArk’s proven expertise

Multi-region deployments fit to scale

Chico High School

“The CyberArk Identity Security Platform is a great tool for providing simple and secure access to our staff. By removing the burden of creating and remembering passwords and offering seamless, one-click access, we are improving productivity and enhancing our security posture.”

John Vincent, Director of Technology, Chico Unified School District


"CyberArk has been the best vendor I have worked with in my 20+ year IT career. CyberArk delivers great products that lead the industry in managing privileged access."

IT Security Manager, Security and Risk Management


"With CyberArk, we are confident that we have implemented technology that will work with us as our business grows and develops."

Jean-Pierre Blanc, Bouygues Telecom


"This isn’t just a compliance check-box exercise, we’re actively designing and aligning policies to cybersecurity best practices to strengthen our overall security posture and align internal teams."

Joel Harris, Manager


"CyberArk gave us the visibility and granular control needed to implement both least privilege and ‘default deny’ application control with minimal disruption to the organization."

Ken Brown, CISO


"With RPA and Cloud migrations, credentials are becoming more and more spread out away from 'normal' controls. CyberArk can spread out to cover all of the scenarios in a standard way."

Information Security Consultant, Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions Technologies


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Prevent credential exposure, isolate critical assets

Monitor and audit sessions for suspicious activity

Remediate risky behavior, automatically

Continuously manage and rotate credentials

Secure remote access to PAM

Frictionless and secure access to business resources

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*SOURCE: December, 2019. The State of Identity: How Security Teams are Addressing Risk

*SOURCE: IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2020