Customer Identity

Delight your customers with easy and secure access to your websites and apps that keep them loyal to your business.

Let your customers in while keeping attackers out

Expectations for great digital experiences are at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the attack surface is more porous than ever. With CyberArk Customer Identity, you can securely open up your websites and apps to customers with confidence.

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Delightful experience

Seamless integration, intuitive access controls and frictionless sign-on experience.

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Strong security

Privacy, consent and identity verification in one platform.

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Fast time to value

Pre-built widgets and open APIs to reduce development effort.

Deliver easy and secure experiences

Enable customers to transact with confidence.

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication & authorization

Embed secure Single Sign-On experience and control access with fine-grained policies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strong AI powered, risk aware and password-free authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Directory and User Management

Directory and user management

Simplify sign up and Identity Management for your customers.

Developer tools

A comprehensive set of resources, guides and tools to help developers integrate CyberArk identity security platform.

Developer Tools

Security that works for you

Here’s just a few more ways we can help you move fearlessly forward in a digital world.

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Enable the digital business

Secure access to business apps for human and machine identities.

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Secure DevOps and Cloud

Secure access for machine identities within the DevOps pipeline.

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Drive operational efficiencies

Reduce complexity and burden on IT while improving protection of the business.

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Provide secure Single Sign-On access to your apps and services

Get strong AI powered, risk aware and password-free authentication

Reduce IT overhead with self-service capabilities