Secure cloud workload identities​

Secure secrets in cloud workloads, get visibility to secrets across the enterprise and secure developer access for any cloud.

cloud, why?

Accelerate dev and ops with powerful, secure access

Give developers and cloud ops secure, transparent access to the cloud provider’s native services, while enabling security teams to control and monitor access to these services. Applies controls such as Zero Standing Privileges to reduce the risk of credential theft.

Gain centralized visibility and control​

Integrated platform gives security teams centralized management of secrets across cloud and multi-cloud environments. Discover and gain insights on vaulted secrets, secure access to workload identities and provide transparent access to native services.

Avoid changes to developer workflows​

Flexible solutions “meet devs where they are,” include transparent integrations with cloud provider’s native vaults, cloud-agnostic APIs, automated secrets rotation and dynamic secrets. Increase developer productivity with certified tool integrations and accelerators.​

Designed for enterprise scale and resilience​

Unique architecture provides high performance and high availability while leveraging the cloud provider’s regions and availability zones. For example, minimizes latency and increases resilience, by seamlessly pushing secrets to the regions running the workloads.

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“Using CyberArk Secrets Hub will allow us to meet developers where they are. Developers will use the cloud providers native secrets management tool while we centrally manage and audit their secrets in CyberArk.”​

Santosh Prusty, Senior Leader, Enterprise Security Team, Cisco​


“Digital transformation at TIAA is all about improving customer services and business operations, so we always want to increase the speed of deployment.”

Adam Powers, Lead Security Engineering Manager, TIAA


“Secure Cloud Access enables us to secure our cloud with Zero Standing Privileges and without impacting productivity. Users continue to access the cloud as always while security teams implement least privilege with on-demand and seamless elevation of privileges.”

Jose Voisin, Chief Information Officer, Carmeuse​

Experience for yourself​

Reduce cloud risk by transparently enforcing security policies​

Get full visibility of managed and unmanaged secrets in native vaults​

Increase operational efficiency and avoid changes to dev workflows​

Automate security processes, eliminate vault sprawl, reduce audit failures​