Vendor Privileged Access Manager

Secure third-party access to critical internal resources with full session isolation, monitoring and audit capabilities without the need for VPNs, passwords or agents.

Third Party Vendor Privileged Access Management

Connect vendors, block threats

Ensure secure and easy privileged access for external vendors.

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Enable digital business

Password-less, & VPN-less providing fast and secure vendor access via biometric MFA.

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Defend against attacks

Secure vendor privileged access with automatically isolated, monitored sessions.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies

Enhance operational efficiencies

Provision access just-in-time for vendor without adding their identities to AD.

Secure vendor access

Provide granular vendor access without complexity or headaches.

Simplify provisioning access for external vendors

Improve security, without VPNs, agents or passwords

Easily experience PAM as a Service


of organizations rely on third-party vendors to access critical systems.*


of organizations list risk from third-party access as a top 10 risk.*

Open to vendors, closed to cyberthreats

Intelligently connect partners to your business.

Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure that external vendors are confirming their identity each time they need to access critical assets.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Just-in-Time provisioning

Easily onboard and off-board vendors to access what they need, when they need it; includes support for vendors to self-manage invitations.

Just-in-Time Provisioning

Record and monitor

Gain full visibility into vendor activities, with complete reporting, auditing and remediation capabilities.

Record and Monitor

Offline access

Securely provide access credentials to authorized third parties in air-gapped and other offline environments. Record credential usage for audit and compliance.

offline access tour

Zero trust third-party privileged access

Provide external vendors with fast, easy, end-to-end encrypted privileged access to critical internal systems.

Vendor Privileged Access Manager

Identity security centered on
intelligent privilege controls
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CyberArk named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management – again.

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“We were very impressed with the vendor access portal, integration with our environment that we do not think others offered, and the fact that overall, it was an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.”

Brent Wallace, IT Director, Norfolk County


“With CyberArk, we are confident that we have implemented technology that will work with us as our business grows and develops.”

Jean-Pierre Blanc, Bouygues Telecom


“This isn’t just a compliance check-box exercise, we’re actively designing and aligning policies to cybersecurity best practices to strengthen our overall security posture and align internal teams.”

Joel Harris, Manager


“CyberArk gave us the visibility and granular control needed to implement both least privilege and ‘default deny’ application control with minimal disruption to the organization.”

Ken Brown, CISO


“With RPA and Cloud migrations, credentials are becoming more and more spread out away from ‘normal’ controls. CyberArk can spread out to cover all of the scenarios in a standard way.”

Information Security Consultant, Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions Technologies

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“Now we are starting to use CyberArk Vendor Privileged Access Manager to secure and streamline vendor access. It is a beautiful thing because now vendors enjoy a password-less and VPN-less experience to access their target systems, they authenticate in a seamless way and only have access to their product. We can also control and limit their access to certain hours, and we can rotate passwords as soon as they log off.”

John Vincent, Director of Technology, Chico Unified School District


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VPN-less, agent-less, password-less

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Seamlessly audit and manage sessions

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Note for existing customers
CyberArk is currently offering existing CorePAS and/or legacy model EPV/PSM customers on v10.3 and above to deploy and use Alero for 30 days*, to manage up to 100 3rd party vendor users. CyberArk understands the strain you and your company are under currently and are committed to helping our customers remain secure in any way we can.

*Terms and Conditions
Access to the CyberArk Vendor Privileged Access Manager free subscription is available to existing CyberArk CorePAS and/or legacy model EPV/PSM customers only, who meet the system requirements to run Vendor Privileged Access Manager, and is subject to qualification in CyberArk’s sole discretion.

Vendor Privileged Access Manager deployment timing is subject to the availability of CyberArk professional services and trained partners.