Secure IT admin access​

Redefine your privileged access management program. Keep your most valuable assets secure as IT evolves.​

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Deliver measurable cyber risk reduction

Discover, onboard and securely manage high-risk accounts to prevent credential theft and identity compromise. Implement intelligent privilege controls and least privilege to prevent lateral movement and privilege escalation across on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

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Boost IT user productivity

Secure both system and operational access – with unified support for privileged access management controls like credential rotation and management, session isolation and access with Zero Standing Privileges. Leverage hundreds of integrations and native UX to accelerate adoption and time to value.

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Satisfy audit and compliance

Achieve continuous compliance by proving adherence to cybersecurity best practices. Securely manage and rotate privileged credentials. Implement and certify least privilege access, and monitor user sessions for global regulations like SWIFT, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and NIST, and meet baseline cyber insurance requirements.

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Cloud-ready privilege controls

Secure native, federated access to every layer of a cloud environment ― from lift-and-shift systems to elastic workloads and cloud-native services. Extend privilege controls to third-party vendors. Protect machine identities with integrated secrets management.

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“Now identity includes multiple types of credentials, our permissions, our laptops or whatever other device we use for work. The attack surface is vast. And it is not only people; there are non-human identities that every organization needs to secure, control and manage.”

Santosh Prusty, Senior Leader, Enterprise Security Team​, Cisco


“CyberArk is very innovative and at the forefront of technology; that’s why Gartner rates CyberArk solutions so highly. The company is constantly developing new tools and plug-ins as well as acquiring companies to build out its portfolio of security offerings, which is really impressive.”

Adam Powers, Lead Information Security Engineering Manager, TIAA​

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“CyberArk Privileged Access Manager itself is very easy to use. I have had no difficulties, and it has become a natural fit for me as a PAM administrator. It has all the functionality we need for privileged access management, and we feel that we have consolidated and enhanced our account management.”

Mr. Koji Yoshida of Capcom’s Engine Development Support Section of the R&D Foundational Technology Department​

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“One measure of the effectiveness of CyberArk is that we now know how every privileged account is being used and there has been a dramatic drop in the opportunity for someone to inflict damage to our environment.”

Mukesh Kapadia, Global Deputy CISO, Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners​

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“We went from zero to having CyberArk up and running within two weeks, and over the next month we were pulling domain administrators into the system. I have never had an implementation that was so smooth. I would love to have more.”

Nigel Miller, Sr. Manager for IAM, Maximus​

See PAM in action​

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Discover, onboard and securely manage privileged accounts and credentials​

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Isolate, monitor and record critical sessions

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Detect and stop threats in real-time. Keep unauthorized users out​

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Implement the CyberArk Blueprint for a phased approach to risk reduction