Secure cloud operations

Efficiently secure high-risk access used to migrate, scale and operate both lift-and-shift and cloud native apps.

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Improve cloud risk reduction

Securely manage high-risk access – with or without credentials. Prevent credential theft by safeguarding necessary system access. Elevate operational access just-in-time, with Zero Standing Privileges. Implement least privilege to reduce lateral movement.

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Extend your compliance program

Accelerate time-to-compliance with SOC 2, NIST and other standards by implementing access control with Zero Standing Privileges. The CyberArk Identity Security Platform provides centralized control of hybrid and multi-cloud access certification, reporting and session audit.

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Enable efficient cloud operations

Give Cloud Ops teams security tools they’ll use – with native UX for high-risk sessions across both shared and federated access models. Save time and effort across hybrid and multi-cloud with unified, automated control of access policies, access requests and session audit.


Secure your digital transformation

Provide secure, seamless access to long-lived systems, elastic workloads and microservices. Control and automate secure access policies to accelerate engineering velocity for both lift-and-shift and cloud-native applications.


“Every company has its own unique combination of on-premises, AWS, GCP and other types of infrastructure. CyberArk gave us a PAM solution that had the flexibility to operate in all these environments.”

Kawamura Selgo, Senior Officer, Group DX Strategy Headquarters, IT Infrastructure Department, Seven & I Holdings​

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“CyberArk is a great solution – the company is a clear leader in the privileged access management space for both cloud and on-prem environments. We now have visibility and control over every aspect of an application user’s journey.”

Michael Freeman, Security Manager for Identity and Access Bupa​

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Secure development operations — without creating fatigue

Enable native, secure access — with Zero Standing Privileges ​

Enforce cloud least privilege across shared and federated access models

Accelerate time-to-compliance with standards like SOC 2, PCI DSS & NIST​