Secrets Management

Simplify securing non-human identities for all applications, DevOps pipelines and cloud workloads.


Centrally manage secrets for all application identities

Credentials in application code and across the software supply chain are increasingly being targeted for cyber attacks. With CyberArk, you can centrally rotate and manage credentials, eliminate vault sprawl and avoid changing developer workflows. ​

SaaS secrets management solutions simplify operations and help accelerate securing all application types across the enterprise.

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Secure digital transformation

Keep application and automation tools secure without slowing down developer velocity.

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Reduce CyberRisk

Give applications easy access to the credentials they need, while keeping secrets out of reach for attackers.

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Enable operational efficiency

Reduce complexity and burden on developers while improving agility and protection of the business.

The highest score for Secrets Management use case in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for PAM

Explore why CyberArk was ranked highest for the Secrets Management use case.

Flexible solutions for all your secrets

SaaS and self-hosted solutions which enable enterprises to centrally secure secrets for all application identities using the organization’s preferred approach to the cloud – without burdening developers.

For Multi-Cloud, CI/CD and containerized applications

SaaS and self-hosted solutions which provide the flexibility to secure secrets in any cloud, on-prem, containerized, CI/CD pipeline or DevOps environment.

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Conjur Cloud

Modern SaaS based secrets management with a rich UI experience and rapid time to value powered by CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform. Manages nonhuman access and machine identity across multi cloud and hybrid environments with a uniform experience for security and developers, no matter where your secrets are.

Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise

A self-hosted solution to securely authenticate, centrally control and audit how applications, DevOps and automation tools use secrets and privileged credentials to access databases, cloud environments and other sensitive resources.

Conjur Enterprise

Secrets Management

Conjur Secrets Manager Open Source

A freely available open-source solution to securely authenticate and control how applications, and DevOps tools use secrets and privileged credentials to access databases, cloud environments and other sensitive resources.

For cloud provider’s built-in Secrets Manager

SaaS solutions which enable security teams to centrally manage secrets, while developers continue to use the cloud provider’s built-in secrets management capabilities.

Secrets Hub

Enables organizations that have embraced AWS Secrets Manager and Azure Key Vault to gain all the advantages of CyberArk’s centralized secrets management without impacting developer workflows.

SaaS based secrets management powered by CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform

Credential Providers

For static applications

Solutions which manage and rotate credentials for a broad range of static applications and third-party software.​

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Credential Providers

Secure static applications, third-party software, RPA, automation tools, and IT management platforms by managing the non-human credentials needed to securely access resources. CyberArk’s broad range of integrations simplifies securing credentials for a single application, to mission critical applications running at massive scale.

Helping customers across the globe secure identities for cloud workloads and apps

CyberArk customers use CyberArk Secrets Manager and the Identity Security Platform to secure all their human and non-human identities.
Identity security fundamentals

Identity Security: Why it Matters and Why Now

Put Identity Security first without putting productivity second.


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Secure and manage access for applications and other non-human identities

Accelerate digital business initiatives

Improve customer trust by minimizing risk of data loss